BELOVED Way Sunday Retreat

Sundays online at 10 AM PT

Connect with God and others in a progressive, contemplative and inclusive Christian community!

Join in via Zoom videoconferencing.

Or, join via Phone Call (audio only):
Dial (669) 900-6833
and enter ID 858 223 6418
​followed by #

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What to Expect at BELOVED Way Sunday Retreat

You’re welcome to pour yourself a hot drink as we begin with conversation, learning new names and catching up on life. 

We engage in a variety of spiritual practices to re-center and find grounding each week. We incorporate modern practices of mindfulness and the ancient practices of the Christian mystics. We always spend quality time sharing personal prayers for healing of ourselves, our families, and our world.

We dive deep into scripture through contemplative reading and open-minded discussion facilitated by our experienced and talented pastors. Everyone is invited to share questions and bring personal experience to the conversation. Many of us are un-learning old, harmful teachings and finding new ways to relate to our faith. Whether listening or speaking, all are free to participate in whatever way feels right.​​

We celebrate the Lord’s Supper at an open table where all are welcome to participate fully. Virtually, you’re invited to use whatever elements you have on hand at home, such as juice and crackers or wine and bread. Families choose how their children will experience this ancient Christian spiritual practice.

Kids are invited to participate in Worship and Wonder time in a Zoom “breakout” room separate from the rest of the service. Worship and Wonder invites children (age 3 to grade 3) to experience Bible stories in mindful, hands-on ways. Following the model of Sonja Stewart’s “Young Children in Worship,” the stories of the sacred texts are brought to life with neutral visuals, and trained storytellers gently offer the words of the stories, inviting questions and curiosity to grow.

We gratefully welcome free will gifts in any amount by way of check, cash or online.

We are gathering online via Zoom.
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