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BELOVED Families & Children is a ministry of BELOVED San Diego for parents, grandparents, caregivers and children. 

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Worship & Wonder

Worship and Wonder invites preschool- through elementary-aged children to experience Bible stories in mindful, hands-on ways. Following the model of Sonja Stewart’s “Young Children in Worship,” the stories of the sacred texts come to life with natural materials of wood and felt. Trained storytellers offer the words of the stories and gently “wonder” aloud with the children, allowing questions and curiosity to grow. A variety of child-friendly materials provide opportunity to extend critical thinking and mindfulness practice.

Worship and Wonder is offered during various BELOVED San Diego gatherings. We typically meet in locations where parents choose to join their children and engage side-by-side, or participate in an adult experience nearby.

Whenever we celebrate the Lord’s Supper, the table is set with simple elements of bread and juice, and all are welcome. Families choose how their children will experience this ancient Christian spiritual practice. Some choose full participation, while others observe and wonder.


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