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During the summer of 2020, BELOVED Families & Children were under “safer at home” orders due to the world-wide Covid-19 pandemic. Summer camps and retreats were canceled, and BELOVED wanted to provide Families & Children with compassion-based, fun-filled experiences that kids could enjoy virtually at home. We created a summer program utilizing curriculum from Illustrated Ministries called “Compassion Camp – Be Loved. Be Kind. Be You.”
A small group of children emerged from the summer program desiring to stay connected to each other and to grow in self compassion and their compassion for others and the world.

Therefore, the children formed a group called BELOVED Compassion Kids. The kids hosted their first virtual party on Halloween 2020 to bring some joy-filled fun to kids who weren’t able to attend regular festivities due to the on-going pandemic. With an international turnout of children dressed in costumes and ready to meet some new friends, the BELOVED Compassion Kids (BCK) realized that hosting virtual parties is one fun way to bring kids together to practice compassion! This summer BCK are not only hosting a virtual Summer Celebration on July 31, 2021, they have also created special content for this year’s Compassion Camp – a self-paced virtual Christian Camp available to use from July 12-August 15. We hope to see you this summer!

BELOVED Compassion Kids is a ministry of BELOVED San Diego.  If you’d like to support BELOVED Compassion Kids, your donations are joyfully appreciated!

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Holy Week Wondering Videos

The following videos were created during Holy Week 2021 for Families & Children to engage bible stories typically heard around Easter. 



Minister of Spiritual Growth and Wellness Shelly Suggs welcomes children and families to this daily series of special Holy Week wonderings!

Today, we’re wondering about the story of Jesus and his disciples visiting Simon in the town of Bethany. A woman opens a bottle of oil and pours it out over Jesus, anointing him.


Today, we’re wondering about the parable of the “Unfaithful Tenants” from Mark 12:1-12. We were wondering about this vineyard — what kind of grapes grew there? And we wondered about the owner — why would he risk his own son’s life? What are you wondering?

We also worked with a scrambled letter puzzle (see right).
​​Click through the images to find the answers!

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Today we continued our Holy Week Wondering series with the parable “Jesus Refuses to Throw Stones” from John 8:1-11. 
We were wondering about what Jesus wrote on the ground, and why didn’t he say anything? What are you wondering?  

We are getting to the tougher parts of our Holy Week Wondering series today with the story of “The Last Supper and Judas’ Betrayal” from Mark 14:22-25, 32-50 and Matthew 26:14-15. We were wondering about how Judas felt when Jesus told him he would betray him and why the disciples kept falling asleep while Jesus prayed.



Today is the darkest day for our Holy Week Wonderings with the story of “The Trial and Crucifixion of Jesus” from Mark 14:53-65 and Mark 15. While experiencing this story together, remind your children that it is okay to have big feelings about death. We can imagine that Jesus had big feelings and somehow appeared calm and quiet in the midst of this trauma. How could he have been afraid and calm at the same time? Wonder with your children about how Jesus could hold his big feelings so calmly. 

Today, we’re wondering about the story of Jesus and his disciples visiting Simon in the town of Bethany. A woman opens a bottle of oil and pours it out over Jesus, anointing him.