Using Zoom

BELOVED is a “church without walls,” gathering online via Zoom videoconferencing software. Each event is hosted as a Zoom “meeting.” There are two ways that you can join a Zoom meeting: 1) using your computer (videoconferencing) OR 2) using your phone (audio only). BELOVED will share a Zoom link and a phone number for each event hosted on Zoom.

Learn how to join a Zoom meeting with this video tutorial.

Get Started with Zoom

 Click here to create a free Zoom account. You will be prompted to download and install the free, safe Zoom software to your computer. 

Alternatively, you can join a Zoom meeting with audio only, using your cell phone to “call in.” See below for more information on how to use Zoom on your phone.

Using Zoom on Your Computer

Click on the Zoom link for the event at the time of the event. Zoom will open the Zoom software on your computer and you will be prompted to join with video and audio.


  • The audio works best if you use headphones and if you are in a quiet room with little to no background noise.
  • These two buttons are the tools you’ll use the most in Zoom:
  • Clicking the “Mute” button will mute your microphone. Generally, muting your microphone when you’re not speaking helps to reduce background noise.
    The “Start Video” button to the right of the “Mute” button will enable your computer’s video camera to show your face to the other participants.

Using Zoom on Your Phone

You can join an event with audio only using your cell phone. BELOVED will share a phone number and meeting ID with each event. Simply dial the phone number and enter the meeting ID when prompted. 

You can mute or unmute your audio by dialing *6. You can “raise your hand” in the meeting to indicate you’d like to speak by dialing *9.