BW Available Programming

Innovative Bible Studies

  • “Ask a Different Question of the Bible – What Is the Invitation?” 
    • A “Game Changer” for Post-Modern, Emerging, and Evolving Faith Movements
    • A Narrative-Based, Intersectional Process designed for Progressives and Recovering Evangelicals needing to build a Biblical Foundation after Theological Deconstruction 
    • Participants discover intersections between Bible stories and their life stories.  
    • Stop asking “What does it mean?” and start asking “What is the invitation?”
  • Jesus: Urgency & Action (Jesus: An Urgent Call for Extraordinary Times) 
    • The Gospel of Mark portrays Jesus as a “man of action.”
  • Paul the Mystic? — Poetry in Paul’s Letters from Prison and after Prison
    • As we recognize how Paul is transformed by his experience, our experience of Paul’s letters is transformed as well.
  • Psalms of Lament – Honest Prayers for a Messy World 
  • “I AM” – The Gospel of John
  • Lectio/Visio/Emotio/Persono Divina

Spiritual, Emotional & Mental Wellness

  • Bend without Breaking: Spiritual Practices for Building Resilience
  • Emotional Health During and After the Pandemic
    • 6-Video Course with Dr. Alane Daugherty, Co-Director of the Mind & Heart Research Lab at Cal Poly, Pomona, CA
  • Forgiving Self & Others: A Pathway to Wholeness
  • Non-Violent Communication
  • Are You Relig-ish?
  • Ancient Ways to Compassion: Spiritual Practices of Christian Mystics

Families & Children Book Studies & Support Groups

  • Compassion Camp – VBS-Style Program led by Children for Children
  • “The ABCs of Diversity” by Carolyn B. Helsel & Y. Joy Harris-Smith
  • “Parenting Forward: How to Raise Children with Justice, Mercy & Kindness” by Cindy Wang Brandt & Rachel Held Evans

Topical Book Studies

  • “Life of the Beloved” by Henri J. Nouwen
  • “Meeting Jesus for the First Time” by Marcus Borg 
    • Including an original BELOVED-Produced Study Guide
  • “Compassion in Practice: The Way of Jesus” by Frank Rogers, Jr.
  • “Holy Currencies” by Eric Law 
    • Freeing the Flow Found in Healthy, Mission-Centered Congregations
    • Worship Series Possibility – “Six Blessings of BELOVED Community”
  • “Meet the Author” — Hosting Authors to Lead Workshops Based on Books