50 Days with the Risen Christ

Welcome to 50 Days with the Risen Christ! 

Together, we are discovering how sitting in the presence of God can bring healing and wholeness to our lives. Over the next 50 days, you are invited to set aside time each day to soak in the sweet spot of life experiences that felt sacred or expansive, moments of heightened presence, deep peace, connection, or vitality. These moments of awe and wonder are glimpses of what life is like when we are intimately connected with the continuing presence of the Risen Christ.

God’s heart beats to the pulse of compassion. When we embody love, and mercy, we live in union with God. Our hearts beat as one with the sacred heartbeat that sustains and resuscitates all life. Each act of care we incarnate — be it simple or radical — is the gift we bear from the God whose heart holds everything and everyone. It is the...sacred kindness...we [offer to] our broken and beaten-up planet. And when we do so, we can trust that it does not sit there idly. God’s Spirit is at work within it. It multiplies.

Joining the Journey

It’s simple — beginning on Easter Sunday, create space in each day to practice the Remembering Sacred Moments meditation.

In the video, Pastor Dale guides you through the practice.

You can also download a PDF of the steps of the meditation here.

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Why Remember Sacred Moments?

Here are a few reasons why remembering sacred moments can be important to our spiritual, emotional and even physical health and wellbeing:

  1. When we remember and reenter sacred moments, we attune our hearts to the PULSE OF COMPASSION that is the heart of God. When we our hearts are in rhythm with God’s heart, our “core self” or “true self” overflows with genuine compassion for self and others. When we are so empowered, we can bring healing to our own lives and bring wholeness to the world around us.
  2. When we remember and “reenter” sacred moments, we reinforce the brain pathways that help us to remember and to embody the compassion of Christ. Reliving “life-generating” experiences from the past in turn strengthens our ability to be calm, curious, courageous and compassionate even in difficult situations. In time, these can become our default responses.
  3. When we remember and reenter sacred moments, we choose an identity that is grounded in better stories — even the story of Jesus. The stories we choose to tell and choose not to tell truly do shape our lives. All too often we tell ourselves and others unhealthy stories. Our negativity can become like a contest: “You think you’ve got it bad. Let me tell you how bad it is with me.” This is a path to depression, disorder and even habitual victimization. Telling healthy stories — particularly stories of our encounters with presence of God, Christ or the Holy Spirit — is a path to emotional, spiritual and physical resilience.